10 Steps-How to Redesign Your Kitchen

Are you planning to give your cooking space a complete makeover but don’t know where to start? Well, our step-by-step guide on remodelling your kitchen has you covered.

Regardless of their scale, home renovation projects require a lot of planning, preparation and patience. Of course, you can hire a contractor and leave the job to them, but since no one knows your needs and requirements better than yourself, it is always recommended to be completely involved in such tasks. This will not only allow you to design the space to accommodate your habits and style and but will also help incorporate a bit of your personality into the room.

Before you start working on your plan to remodel your kitchen, take some time out to visit different home design websites and browse through interior design magazines for inspiration. You must also check out hardware and home improvement stores in the vicinity to find out the types and rates of different cabinetry and flooring materials. Moreover, don’t forget to check out our guide on what to consider when remodelling a kitchen for more information.

Once you’ve decided on the colour palette and paint finish for your kitchen, placed an order for new countertops and cabinets, chosen your electronic appliances, selected light fixtures, selected hardware, and bought flooring material for your cooking space, it’s time to start remodelling your kitchen.


So, in what order do you remodel a kitchen? Let’s find out.


kitchen remodel ideas on a budget
You should start your remodelling prep by removing all the appliances and other items from your kitchen

One of the first steps to remodelling a kitchen is to clear as much of the space as possible. Remove your cabinets, countertops, window treatments, and doors. If you need to remove your old tile flooring or wall panelling as well, consider hiring a professional for a day to help you demolish the interior of your kitchen.

Don’t forget to remove your electronic appliances, pantry items, cookware, serveware, and lighting fixtures from the kitchen as well.


Most people opt to hire a general contractor for remodelling and renovation projects. Although it’s a very good option, it is imperative to mention that these contractors can charge up to 30% of the total cost of the project only for overseeing the workers and handling day-to-day tasks. Instead, if you have enough time and expertise, consider hiring and supervising the workers yourself.

If you choose to hire workers yourself, you will most likely have to pay them on a per-day basis. However, you can also establish another payment plan that both parties find suitable.


replace outdated plumbing in kitchen
Hire a professional to replace old plumbing in your kitchen

If your house is old, your plumbing must be dated as well. If that’s the case, make sure to replace old plumbing while remodelling your kitchen. Just make sure to shut off all the valves before removing corroded and leaking pipes.

You must hire a professional for this job, as tinkering with plumbing without prior experience can end up costing a significant chunk of your overall budget.


You should also use this time to redo your kitchen wiring and update the lighting. Depending on the layout and size of your kitchen, you will require overhead recessed and pendant lights to properly illuminate the space as well as under-cabinet lighting to brighten up the countertops. For more inspiration, check out our guide on the best type of lighting for each room.

It is also recommended to install a few electrical outlets on your countertop so you can easily plug in your blender, toaster, sandwich maker and other appliances.


paint your kitchen walls
Always choose satin or semi-gloss paint finish for your cooking space

Painting the walls and ceilings of your cooking space is probably the easiest part of remodelling your kitchen. All you need to do is choose your colour palette. As for the type of paint finish, most experts recommend satin and semi-gloss paints, as they are easier to clean and don’t retain moisture. However, make sure to always select good-quality for your home improvement projects.

If you are new to the world of DIY home improvement, here is a complete guide on how to paint your room like a pro that might come in handy. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our list of essential tools required for painting a room.


The next item on your DIY kitchen remodel checklist is the flooring. Though your flooring choices must vary with your budget and lifestyle requirements, usually ceramic, porcelain, vinyl, and hardwood are considered to be the best flooring options for kitchens. Meanwhile, if you are interested in eco-friendly flooring options, consider installing bamboo, linoleum or natural stone flooring in your kitchen for a refined and sophisticated look.

Since your flooring materials can be rather expensive, make sure to select something that is both durable and functional instead of only focusing on its aesthetic appeal.


install cabinets in the kitchen
The cabinet installation process can take up to two days, depending on the size of your kitchen

Kitchens usually have two types of cabinets: wall cabinets that are only secured to the walls and base cabinets that rest on the floor while being secured to the wall. In most kitchen designs, base cabinets also have drawers. All of these different types of cabinets need to be linked together and installed neatly. You must also make sure they are all levelled uniformly.

The most popular types of woods used for cabinets in Pakistan include plywood, Lasani wood, and chipboard. Depending on your décor and personal style, you may want to choose between laminate and acrylic kitchen cabinets.

Moreover, just in case you are remodelling your kitchen by yourself, here is a complete guide on how to install cabinets like a pro that you must check out before installing your cabinetry.


Now that you have installed your cabinets, it’s time to get your kitchen countertops installed.

As you may already know, countertops are considered the most important part of any kitchen. In fact, in most cases, they serve as the focal point of your cooking space. Therefore, you must always make sure to measure your space correctly before placing the order for the countertops.

Quartz, marble, wood, granite, laminate, and glass are some of the best options for kitchen countertops available in the market. If you are looking for kitchen remodel ideas on a budget, considering opting for contemporary concrete countertops. Also, please note the cost of installing kitchen countertops is around PKR 1500 to PKR 2500 per day for labour.


tiled backsplash in kitchens
Tiled backsplashes can elevate the overall look of your kitchen

The next task to add to your kitchen renovation schedule is the installation of a backsplash.

If the material you have chosen for your backsplash is the same as your countertops, it is suggested to get them both installed at the same time. However, if you have selected a different material for the backsplash, it has to be installed after the countertops are in place. The best materials for kitchen countertops include glass tiles, natural stone tiles and ceramic tiles. You can choose them in any colour and design to add a splash of colour to your cooking space.

Here are some backsplash ideas to spruce up your kitchen that you might find inspiring. Also, don’t forget to take a look at our DIY guide on how to install a backsplash.


The final step of how to plan a kitchen remodel comprises installation of electronic appliances.

Typically, the range hood or exhaust system is installed first, followed by the stove or cooking range, refrigerator, dishwasher, deep freezer and other must-have kitchen appliances. Make sure each appliance is properly aligned, plugged in, and working properly.

In case you are planning to replace your old fridge with a new one, please refer to our guide for buying refrigerators for your home in Pakistan to learn all about their prices.

You can also take a look at these prep steps for your home remodelling project to effectively prepare for what’s to come next.

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