Gadani Beach in Balochistan

From extensive plateaus of rough terrains to breath-taking coastal belts, the topography of Balochistan is fantastic in every sense. The province is home to the country’s most amazing natural sites, some of which are now being converted into full-fledged picnicking resorts by the government to revive tourism in Balochistan and make it a revenue-generating engine. Offering captivating views of the Arabian Sea and unspoiled coastline, Gadani Beach is among the many natural attractions home to the rugged province.

Gadani is also one of the most popular beaches near Karachi as picnickers from the city flock to this shoreline, especially on weekends and during the vacation season. So, if you are looking forward to spending a lazy day at the beach sunbathing or diving into the crystal-clear water, then this just might be the ideal time to visit the beach. But, before you plan a trip to Gadani Beach in Balochistan, let’s know a little bit more about the beach and its surroundings.


Gadani beach features a mix of silky sand and rocky cliffs
Gadani beach is a beautiful coast surrounded by rocky cliffs

Named after a small fishing village with around 10,000 inhabitants in Balochistan’s Lasbela District, the beautiful coast of Gadani beach is surrounded by rocky cliffs near Cape Monze beach and estuary of the hub river. The beach is located 50 kilometres northwest of Karachi and serves as a perfect picnic spot, beckoning for you to lie back and marvel at the sight of the open waters of the Arabian Sea, while having your toes dug in the silky sand on the shore. Thanks to the nearby presence of Gadani Ship-breaking yard, which is Pakistan’s largest and oldest graveyard of ships, the coast is fascinatingly lined with rusting wreckage of ship hulls and mighty vessels that once ruled the sea.


If you are travelling from Karachi, then the best route to get to Gadani Beach in Balochistan is via National Highway 25 and Gadani Road. As stated above, the beach is approximately 50 kilometres away from the city, and it will take you around 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach your destination, depending on the flow of traffic.


amusement activities in gadani beach
You can indulge in plenty of amusement activities by visiting Gadani beach (Photo Credits: Flickr)

Some exciting things to do on and near Gadani Beach include:

  • Have a mouth-watering serving of seawater fish at a local restaurant, costing around PKR 300 per plate.
  • Ride camels, enjoy boat rides or go on a fishing escapade
  • Take a hike on marble rocks and catch amazing views of the Arabian Sea from above the rocky hillside
  • Have an ultimate camping experience by spending the night stargazing
  • End your beach escape with lighting a bonfire by the sea

Note: As of now, there are no proper huts in the area for a night stay. However, the provincial government, in its effort to promote tourism in Balochistan, has decided to turn the seashore of Gadani into a full-fledged picnicking spot by constructing a world-class beach resort to facilitate tourists. 


Let’s list down and discuss some other tourist attractions near Gadani Beach, some of which include:

  • Mubarak Village
  • Hawk’s Bay Beach
  • French Beach


Located in one of the remote stretches of the city of lights, Mubarak Village, locally known as Mubarak Goth, is the second-largest fishing settlement in Karachi, present near the Hub Power Plant. The distance between Gadani and Mubarak Village is 40 kilometres, which roughly translates into more than an hour’s drive. The scenic landscape of Mubarak Goth encircles a glaring contrast of clear turquoise waters and golden hills. Churna Island, which is a famous getaway spot for snorkelers and scuba divers from Karachi, is also nearly an hour’s boat ride away from the village.


Another top-rated beach near Gadani is an all-time favourite of Karachiites named Hawk’s Bay beach. The beach is the second-most visited in Karachi after the Sea View Beach. The beach has been named after Bladen Wilmer Hawke, a governor from the British era. Hawk’s Bay boasts an amazing shoreline with stone blue water. From scuba diving and snorkelling to camel riding and equestrianism, you can indulge in many exciting activities at this beach.


Fenced by a wall, French beach is more like a private beach. It features nearly a hundred private huts that are usually not available to the general public for booking. It is one of the most well-maintained and beautiful beaches near Karachi. Visitors of this beach can experience many different types of amusement activities, including Scuba diving, cruising, kayaking, surfing, and parascending, to name a few.

Some other popular beaches near Gadani include Bhit Khori, Cape Monze, Turtle Beach, and Sandspit. All of these long stretches of incredible beaches near Karachi act as a crowning jewel for the city of lights and set it apart from the rest of the cities in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, you can also take a look at our travel guide to Kund Malir Beach if you want to travel a few hundred kilometres deeper into Balochistan along its coastal belt via National Highway 10, aka, Makran Coastal Highway. This exotic beach is a part of Hingol National Park, one of the country’s largest wildlife reserves.

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