A Traveler’s Guide to Ratti Gali Lake, Azad Kashmir

Boasting breathtaking topographical features with incredibly scenic views, the northern areas of our beloved homeland feature some of the most wondrous landscapes on earth. Take Azad Kashmir for example, the region has always been a center of attention for its captivating natural beauty and is frequented by both local and international tourists. From dazzling views of natural lakes with crystal clear waters to the vastness of meadows with dancing wildflowers, the place is filled with mesmerizing natural wonders.

Ratti Gali Lake is among many heavenly places in Azad Kashmir. It’s one of the highest lakes in the world by altitude. If you’re a nature lover, you should never miss visiting it, especially upon your trip to Azad Kashmir. So, let’s get to know more about Ratti Gali Lake and find out how to get to this fascinating natural destination.

Without further ado, let’s go exploring!


more about ratti gali lake
Situated at an elevation of 12,130 feet (3,700 meters) above sea level, Ratti Gali lake is one of the highest lakes on the planet

Located at a jaw-dropping elevation of 12,130 feet (3,700 meters) above sea level, Ratti Gali Lake is one of the many beautiful glacial lakes in Neelum Valley, Azad Kashmir. The water mass of the lake has formed due to the glacier activities taking place in the surrounding mountains.

The peaceful, crystal clear waters of this lake are surrounded by the wilderness of probably one of the most attractive mountainous regions in the world. Complementing the spellbinding beauty of this lake, locals popularly call it the “Jewel of Neelum Valley”.


Ratti Gali Lake is found in one of the remotest regions in Pakistan. Muzaffarabad, which is the administrative capital of Azad Kashmir and the closest major city to the lake, is also at a distance of 75 kilometers. It’s a place that adventure-seekers would love visiting as reaching Ratti Gali Lake involves a lot of traveling and trekking. It may be roughly around a 4-to 6-hour long journey, depending on the flow of the traffic and weather conditions.

Traveling by road, you’ll first reach Dowarian, a small village in Azad. From there, you may have to hop on to a 4X4 vehicle (probably a Jeep) to get to Ratti Gali Lake as it’s a bumpy and rocky path. After taking a jeep ride for almost a couple of hours, you’ll reach the base camp area of Ratti Gali Lake. From there, you’ll have to trek for almost 2 more hours to reach your destination. Along with trekking, horseback riding may also be available for tourists.


Since the entire region of Azad Kashmir is brimming with tourist activities, you’ll find plenty of suitable places to stay near Ratti Gali Lake. Some popular hotels and results on Neelum Valley Road at the closest point from the lake include Sharda Resort, Wadi Resort, Neelum Star River Guest House, State Continental Sharda, and Park River House Sharda among many others. Most of these establishments are located along the Neelum River, the breathtaking views of which further adds to the excitement of your journey.


weather of ratti gali lake azad kashmir
Weather in the surrounding region of this glacial lake stays cold round the year

Since it’s a glacial lake, the weather in the surrounding areas usually stays cold the entire year. So, it’s advisable for you to pack warm clothes for your journey. Make sure you’re also taking heavy meals and eating dried fruits. Such dietary habits will keep you warm and desirably energized for your journey.


Visiting Ratti Gali Lake in Azad Kashmir is now more convenient than ever, thanks in part to the availability of many different types of tourism packages. From food to transportation and stay, travel packages offered these days covered it all. The prices of travel packages may depend on the number of services offered and your duration of stay.


The region of Azad Kashmir, which is also known as Azad Jammu Kashmir, is not only recognized for its amazing wilderness but also its rich culture and hospitality. The release of the AJK Tourism Policy in 2019 has shown us how keenly the government is trying to boost the concept of tourism in this globally recognized nature’s paradise.

A website named “AJK Tourism” has been officially launched by AJK Tourism and Archaeology Department. They also have an official Facebook page, which can provide you with the latest weather-related and development updates to help you to plan your trip accordingly instead of facing any inconvenience.

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