The Orange Line Metro Train in Lahore

Update (October 26, 2020): The Orange Metro Line Train (OLMT) has officially kicked off at the inaugural ceremony held on October 25, 2020 at Dera Gujran. The OLMT is the first electricity run mass transit project with many automatic systems to facilitate the common people. The fare of OLMT is set at PKR 40 to facilitate residents. It will serve 26 stations and is expected to handle 250,000 passengers on a...

All You Need to Know About the Network of Motorways in Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the most advanced networks of roads in the world, thanks to all the recently constructed motorways, intercity travelling in Pakistan has become more convenient, enjoyable and safer than ever. Not only these highways connect cities but they also make tourist attractions across the country conveniently accessible. All of these road links are a part of Pakistan’s “National Trade...

Where Is Pakistan’s Cement Industry Headed As The Government Boosts The Construction Sector?

The cement industry of Pakistan has seen rapid growth in recent months, which is widely attributed to the tax amnesty scheme introduced by the government in April 2020. However, on Jan. 1, 2021, the government extended the same amnesty till the end of this year to keep the economy running amid the coronavirus pandemic. While most economies around the world struggled amid the pandemic, Pakistan...

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Makran Coastal Highway

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