Decluttering Projects that Will Take 15 Minutes or Less

Decluttering your home requires commitment, patience and time. However, contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to do a clutter sweep for your entire house at once. In fact, you don’t even have to do it one room at a time if you are dealing with a busy schedule. Instead, the best way to go about it is to take on small tasks that can be completed within minutes and leave you with a sense of accomplishment. If your home looks a little messy and you don’t want to spend an entire organising your space, start small with these 15-minute decluttering projects that will instantly make your home look cleaner.

These tips to declutter your home are not only simple and smart but will also make your life a lot easier. All you’ll need for this home organisation project is a plastic bag to toss in your trash, a cleaning rag to wipe off the dust, and a cardboard box for items that can be donated.

So, let’s get started.


Here are some 15-minute decluttering projects for different parts of your house that will pay off big time.


how to declutter your kitchen
Decluttering and organising your Tupperware cabinet will instantly make your kitchen look more put together

If you’re wondering where to start decluttering your home, the kitchen is considered the best option. Since we all have that one kitchen cabinet overflowing with Tupperware, we’d suggest you spend 10 to 15 minutes matching the plastic containers with their lids. You should also get rid of the Tupperware that is broken or doesn’t have an accompanying piece. However, make sure to check your fridge, dishwasher, and other cabinets before tossing out mate-less items.

As for the remaining container, stack them neatly in the cabinet according to their size and usage. Also, while you’re at it, use a paper towel or a clean piece of cloth to wipe the insides of the cabinet before placing everything back in.

On a side note, you can also dedicate a few minutes to cleaning and organising the spices in your kitchen.


We are all guilty of having our fridge door stocked with expired condiments and things that don’t really belong there.

To kick off this 15-minute decluttering project, empty the items stored in the door of your fridge and check each of their expiration dates. Throw the bottles, jars and boxes that are past their prime into the trash bag. If there are any edible condiments that you don’t like or can’t consume due to dietary restrictions, consider donating them to someone.

Before you start placing everything back inside your fridge, quickly clean the shelves on the door with a damp sponge. Make sure to wipe the bottom and lid of each bottle and container as well while returning them to their rightful position.


decluttering tips for your desk
A clutter-free desk can have a huge impact on the ambience of your room

Considering how most of us spent a better part of the last year working remotely and taking online classes, it is completely understandable if your study or work desk has been looking a little cluttered. To sort it all out, start by scooping up all the pens and pencils strewn about the surface and place them inside the pen cup. If you find any other pens at random places in your house, gather them as well.

Next, collect all the papers and arrange them in a neat pile. Do the same for your notebooks and textbooks. If you find any documents that are no longer of any use, make sure to tear them up before placing them in the trash bag. If your old books or school/office supplies are still in good condition, please donate them to someone in need instead of throwing them away.


decluttering and organising your sock drawer
Match up the socks and fold them in pairs to keep your drawer from looking messy and unkempt

Looking for a pair of socks in a messy drawer can be rather annoying. So, in order to save some precious time every morning, you should dedicate a few minutes to declutter and organise it.

All you have to do is pull out the drawer and empty its contents. Inspect the socks for holes and tears before matching up the pairs. Once done, fold all the sets that are still in good condition and place them neatly in the drawer. Keep the single socks separately and look for their mates in your laundry and other parts of the house before tossing them away.

You can also invest in a few storage baskets for your socks and other garments.

If you are looking for more about organising and decluttering clothes, here are some storage hacks and tips for wardrobes and dressing rooms that you might find helpful.


tips to declutter your bathroom
Throw away all the expired products and recycle the empty bottles taking up space on your bathroom shelves

Do you want to make your bathroom feel like a spa? If so, you should start by decluttering the space.

To start this 15-minute decluttering project, pull out all the items from your bathroom cabinet or shelf and place them all on the sink. Check each bottle and box for its expiration date and get rid of the ones that are empty or no longer usable. If you have any products lying around that you don’t plan on using anytime soon, consider giving them to someone who might need them. It will also free up some precious cabinet space, instantly making it look cleaner.

After you’ve sorted out all the toiletries, place them back inside the cabinet after wiping them with a clean cloth.

Moreover, here are some creative DIY storage tips to make your bathroom feel more spacious.


One of the biggest cleaning mistakes that most people make is forgetting to maintain their cleaning tools. If the cabinet where you store your cleaning supplies looks dirty and unkempt, there is a good chance that some of the products inside may already be past their expiration dates. Therefore, it is imperative to dedicate a few minutes at least twice a year to go through every bottle of cleaning solution, harsh chemicals, old rags, sponges and other cleaning supplies. Throw the empty bottles into the trash bag and move the dirty cleaning cloths to the laundry area.

You can also buy plastic boxes or baskets to store different types of cleaning supplies together.


declutter magazines and newspapers
Say goodbye to old mail, magazines and newspapers!

Last but not least, declutter your home by getting rid of any old newspapers, magazines or paper mail that may have accumulated on your coffee table, desk or console table. First, collect these items from all parts of your home and then divide them into two piles. The first pile must contain magazines and mails that you need to keep, the other one should have everything else. Shred any piece of paper that has your personal information on it before putting it in a separate cardboard box or bag for recycling.

There you have it, a list of 15-minute decluttering projects for your house that are easy to complete and show immediate results. If you are looking for more ideas, feel free to check out our in-depth guide on how to declutter your home in a weekend or less.

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